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When it comes to enjoying the great photos on websites like Flickr, Google (Yahoo) Images, Facebook, etc, you might have noticed how distracting various other elements on the page are: comments, ads, flashy colors, smilies… Some sites do support slideshow mode. However it takes you away from where you are and you don’t get to choose which images to view. Here is a great software to get rid of all the cluttering stuff and leave you just the photos you want to see, in full screen! It has some other neat features too. It is definitely worth checking out. PicLens (1.5BETA) by Cooliris, Inc. Please note that it only support Firefox 2+ on Windows and Safari on Mac.

Once you install it, you won’t notice much going on when visiting supported photo sharing site before you put the mouse cursor over an image. You will notice a button appear in the lower left corner of the thumbnail image. Click on it. In a few moments (depending on your connection speed), you will see a full screen version of that image showing up. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a row of thumbnail images (of all the images on that page), together with some easy to use navigation buttons.

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