Infrared and UV photography open a world that typical cameras and our eyes were never meant to see. If you have never seen an infrared or ultraviolet photo, you may want to check out these Flickr groups: Digital Infrared, Infrared, UltraViolet.

According to Fujifilm, this is a DSLR for advanced forensic and scientific imaging. The camera can also be used for conventional daylight photography by adding an optional UVIR cut filter to the lens. Nikon DSLR users will recognize the body is the same as the Nikon D200, just with Fujifilm branding. The camera is Nikon F-mount compatible and can use all Nikkor AF-D/G and AF-S lenses. The detailed specifications and features can be found at Fujifilm website.

For people who truly enjoy infrared or ultraviolet photography, it may be the dream come true. However the firmware End User License Agreement (EULA) will definitely turn some of you off:

“By breaking the packaging seal you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of Fujifilm’s Ultraviolet (UV) and/or Infrared (IR) sensitive digital camera firmware End User License Agreement. The camera firmware contained in each system package is fully activated to engage the camera’s UV and/or IR capabilities and ready for use. No other firmware modifications are necessary in order to activate the camera’s UV and/or IR wavelength sensitive CCD. THIS LICENSE IS NON-TRANSFERABLE.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that your use of the camera’s UV and/or IR light energy sensitive capabilities, as enabled by Fujifilm’s camera firmware, will be purely to accomplish a legitimate business purpose in the medical, forensic, fire investigative, law enforcement, scientific, systems integrators, local and federal government.

In addition, you further agree not to use the camera’s firmware enabled capabilities to engage in unethical photographic conduct involving the violation of personal privacy, child endangerment, lewd photography, and or paparazzi like activities.”

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