If you have an adventurous soul and love photography, photographing ghost town may be a good experience. Many people love the freaky eerie feelings at abandoned places, similar to the horror movie thrills. If you fall in to this type, here are some resources and tips for you.

Ghost town lists

  • Ghost towns. Ghost towns in US and Canada are listed by State or Province.
  • Ghosttown index. State by state list of ghost towns in US. Site appears to be working on ghost town lists of Canada, Great Britain, etc.

Ghost town photo galleries

Ghost town photography tips

  • Safety first. Old roads and structures could be out of repair and dangerous.
  • Obey the law. If the sign says “No trespassing”, don’t do it. You can still take great photos without breaking the law.
  • Bring you tripod. The light conditions may be unpredictable. A tripod can help you to stabilize your camera to prevent blurring due to camera shake. Tripod can also help greatly for high dynamic range (HDR) photography, which requires multiple exposures for blending and tone mapping. It is easy to achieve surreal feel using HDR technique.
  • Use wide angle lens. Wide angle lens allows you to capture a more dramatic scene (Visit the Bodie gallery linked above for examples). Wide angle lens also have shorter hyperfocal distance.
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