Last night I woke up early to photograph the total lunar eclipse. It is my first time to shoot seriously, with tripod, cable release, and mirror lock-up. It was an interesting but difficult experience. At the end I got some decent shots and learned some lessons. Here are the things I have learned.  Read More…

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Slorker has a collection of the pictures that changed the world. It appears that most of the photos were taken by members of the professional press. In the age of digital photography, it is so much easier for an ordinary people to take a photo using digital camera and distribute via photo sharing sites such as Flickr, PBase, Picssa, etc or via blogs to a large audience. Perhaps you could also capture a world-changing photo.

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Beautiful spirals

This ( is an amazing gallery full of nature and structures in spiral shapes.

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Check out this unique motivational weight loss portal at The site motives your to lose weight by showing you how you may look like at 5, 10, or 20 pounds lighter. All you need to do is upload your current photo. WeightView will then create a visual impression of the lighter you using a patent pending digital technology.

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This doesn’t happen many times in your life time. So if you can stay up late or get up early, don’t miss it! It will be “really beautiful and like nothing you’ve ever seen before” according to San Francisco Chronicle. It appears that the folks in west coast are in the best viewing areas. Get your details on local timing and weather, and get your long lens and tripod ready.

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For many exposure bracketing shooting situations, the photographer just wants to ensure a photo with proper exposure is captured without worrying too much about the slight movements between the shots since other over or under exposed photos will most likely be discarded. For HDR photography, the requirements are more strict. Every photo counts for the quality of the final image. You should try to avoid anything that may cause blurring in the merged image. What does this mean? Read More…

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Portrait Manipulation Tutorial by ~rosarioagro on deviantART

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We have opened the Flickr group called “DPTnT – Digital Photography Tips and Tricks“. You are welcome to join and share not only your photos but also the tips and tricks you have learned.

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