People love taking photos on their family vacation trips. Here are some tips and tricks that may help you to take better vacation photos.

  • Capture the whole picture so you can tell the story. Don’t just zoom onto your family’s smiling faces. Remember this is travel photography, not portrait photography. Capture the surroundings, the backgrounds, landmarks, etc. Sometimes if you try to capture the whole building behind your family, the people may become too small in the frame. In this case, take multiple shots with the lens zoomed in and out. So you will be able to tell where the photos were taken later. Bring a wide angle lens for your SLR, or a P&S with a wide angle zoom.
  • Don’t forget to capture the entire family, including you. I have taken tons of photos of my wife and my son happily smiling. However I don’t see many with myself being part of the valuable memory. Kindly ask other tourists to take photos of your entire family. Prepare your camera so all they need to do is point and shoot. Be careful when you hand over your camera, especially heavy ones like DSLRs. The weight may surprise some people and accident can happen. It may become challenging if you cannot find people to help you. In this case, bringing your tripod so you can setup a shot with timer.
  • Capture the moment. Don’t just pose up and say “cheese”. Try to capture the very precious, nature flow of feelings. That means that you need to have the camera ready to shoot all the time.
  • Record the whole experience. Keep the tickets, guides, maps, etc until you are done organizing your photos after the trip. Make sure the clock on your camera is synced properly. Take a picture of the signs, attraction maps, placards, etc, at the places you visit, so you can recount the whole trip from beginning to end.
  • Bring extra batteries and flash cards.
  • Finally, learn the lesson and don’t lose the memories to thieves or hardware failures.
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