Wow…amazing. I cannot believe the heat in the DPReview Nikon forum. Hundreds of posts in a few hours. Finally the press releases have been posted on Nikon website. Please read the press releases for now. More update will follow.

DPReview has also posted the news and previews of the new cameras. Read them here:

I simply cannot believe what I have read.

  • ISO:The D3 has ISO from 200 to 6400, and extendable to ISO 100 and 25600!
  • Autofocus: Both cameras now have a 51 point MUlti-CAM3500 AF module! I thought the 45-pt AF on Canon 1DS Mark III was excessive.
  • Live View: Both also have Live View modes, with autofocus! If you haven’t heard, Canon’s LiveView is MF only.
  • Image processor: It is a 14bit processor called EXPEED.
  • Sensor cleaning: D300 got a self-cleaning sensor that removes dusts by high frequency vibration. So far Nikon has not lagged behind Canon in any major categories!
  • Display: 3.0″ 922,000 pixel LCD monitor. That will be beautiful. The only concern is how it may affect the battery life.
  • Image format: D3 is full frame with a name “FX”. I think this is really brilliant marketing move by Nikon.
  • Pixel count: Some may be disappointed by Nikon’s decision to put only 12MP in the full frame sensor. However people needs to realize that not everyone needs 21MP. The Nikon press release has stated that the D3 is targeted for sports photographers and photojournalists. Delivering news worth images fast is what they need. 21MP is only making unnecessarily large files that are difficult to manage and process. On the low end, the D300 has 12MP, more than the 10MP in Canon EOS 40D. I guess some Canon fans will be falling from sky on hearing this news. 😉
  • Price: D3 is $5000 while D300 is $1800. Apparently D3 is much cheaper than Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III while D300 is quite more expensive than Canon EOS 40D ($1300 for body only). However Nikon labels the D300 as professional camera rather than prosumer or amature camera like the 40D.
  • More: they are so many nice features. I will stop listing them now. Please read the links above for more information.

Overall, the new releases by Nikon are truly remarkable. They will solidify the lead position by Nikon and expend its market share further. The wishful thinking by Canon may be declared a “bust” for now.

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