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DailyAwards.com is a peer-judged photo contest site for photographers of all skill levels. Users are encouraged to post their best work and have it evaluated by others in the community.

The site has an innovative weighted voting and scoring system that promotes fair judging by putting more power into the hands of people who have proven records of voting and winning.

A good feature of the voting process is that images are randomly selected and displayed on the voting page for a user to cast a vote regardless of how long the image has been in the system, given that the user has not previously voted on the image and the image does not belong to that user. This feature ensures that every image has an equal chance of receiving a vote.

Those who post images also have the opportunity to promote their business. Winner’s image gets displayed on the home page for the duration of that contest. Winning an annual award means your image and a link to your site is displayed for an entire year.

Some features of the site may appear confusing at first, so be sure to read the about page, site overview, and FAQ section before signing up.

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