Hasselbald H3D II

Hasselbald announced its upgrades to the 39MP (5412×7212) 48x36mm full frame digital SLR H3D announced a year ago. LetsGoDigital appears to have the most detailed coverage. If you cannot afford this top of the line model (H3D-39 II), which is about $37K, you may want to consider the less expensive ones: H3D-31II (31MP, 44x33mm) and H3D-22 II (22 MP , 48x36mm), which will cost you about $30K and $25K, respectively.

I cannot find what the exact specs are for the new model, but the old model has maximum shutter speed of 1/800s and maximum ISO of 400. The camera is probably not for anyone who wants to needs the high shutter speed and high ISO performance, even if you can afford it.

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