Nikon D300 has not yet been released for sale but there are already lots of sample pictures making the rounds on the Internet. Some might be Nikon sanctioned tests, others appeared to be unauthorized releases by people who sneak into exhibits with CF cards. Lots of attentions are paid to high ISO performance of Nikon D300. Some say the high ISO images look great, others say they are still not as good as Canon’s. Well, go check them out yourself. šŸ˜‰

The first set initially published on October 15, 2007

Update 11/3/2007:

Update 11/4/2007:

Update 11/6/2007:

Update 11/12/2007:

Update 11/13/2007:

Update 11/20/2007:

Update 11/25/2007:

Nikon D300 is officially available now around the world. Sample photos should be more readily available and some formal reviews are about to come from many places. So I will not be updating this post as often. Thank you all for visiting.

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