The Eye-Fi is a secure digital (SD) format memory card with Wi-Fi (802.11g, 54mbps) that can wirelessly send photos from a digital camera to a computer or photo sharing service of your choice. It has generated quite some buzz on gadget blogs (Engadget, Gizmodo, CrunchGear) but some mixed reviews (Post-Bulletin, PC World, DPReview) since its launch.

Overall, it works as advertised but comes with some limitations. For example,

  • It only transmits JPEG photos, raw shooters are out of luck (The company says other formats and raw support are coming).
  • It has limited range (< 45ft, and practically <20ft).
  • It only works on trusted, encrypted, pre-configured wireless network but not open access points.
  • It is only in SD format (some have reported it works with a SD-to-CF adapter).
  • It is slow to start and slow to upload especially when uploading to online photo sharing sites.
  • It uploads everything, no way of selecting images for upload.

Despite the limitations, it does come with a reasonable price of $100. If you find it fun or useful for you (with the limitations), you may want to give it a try.

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