Perhaps you have heard about the well known photographers who have been using the professional Nikon D3. Evidently that is part of the Nikon’s grassroots marketing strategy. Rob Galbraith has a collection of full resolution D3 photos at various ISO settings from 200 to 25600 (insane!) taken by professional photographers and shows you how capable the Nikon D3 is. His overall impression on the high ISO performance comparison between the D3 and Canon 1D Mark III:

… while there are differences in the appearance of image graininess – Canon’s grain pattern is tighter – there’s no doubt that the D3 produces a less noisy, higher quality file at ISO 3200 and beyond. This is an incredible achievement on Nikon’s part.

However, it appears the Canon EOS 1D Mark III still shines, perhaps due to its resolution advantage:

On the other hand, EOS-1D Mark III files at any ISO – especially CR2s processed through Canon’s Digital Photo Professional – are generally slightly crisper and more detailed …

I am happy to see a Canon vs. Nikon duel like this. This is market force at its best. Consumers will benefit.

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