If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about two, three, or more? A series of photo can tell a story from beginning to end with such easy-to-understand fashion that there is really no need to describe them. Read the following picture story to see if you can understand what happened on the soccer field.

Episode on the soccer field, part 1 of 4
Episode on the soccer field, part 2 of 4
Episode on the soccer field, part 3 of 4
Episode on the soccer field, part 4 of 4

Here are some tips for taking and presenting story telling pictures:

  • Don’t miss the key frames. Capture all frames that are important in the development of the story. Don’t be afraid of taking too many pictures because you can always delete them later.
  • Include the environment. A story is not complete without the background. Include the essential elements in the photo to tell people the background of the story.
  • Tell the story without words. Tell the story without words except the title. Also try not to pile up tons of pictures to tell the story. Too many pictures can be a distraction. Select only the essential frames that help to develop the story from beginning to end.
  • Learn from others. Try this great flickr group: tell a story in five frames.

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