I shoot 100% in RAW and use Nikon Capture NX for NEF raw file editing most of the time. Until recently, I have been uploading photos to Flickr by first saving the photo as JPEG to a folder, start Flickr Uploader, add the photos, then hit the upload button. I just found out that it could be much easier by cutting off the unnecessary steps.

First, download and install Flickr uploader here if you don’t have it already.

Second, open the Capture NX preference dialog  (Edit->Preferences->General…) or just hit Ctrl-K. Setup the “Open with” application as the following (use the actual location of the Flickr Uploader installed on your computer).

Capture NX preference setup

That’s it. When you want to upload a photo, simply go to “File->Open With…”. A dialog box like the following may pop-up:

Open With dialog box

You can check “Don’t show again” box to avoid the unnecessary prompt.  After clicking the Yes button, you will see another dialog box:

Size warning box

Unfortunately Nikon Capture NX only saves a temporary tiff file when doing the “Open With… “, so most likely the size will be too large. You have to resize the photo due to the 10MB size limit set by Flickr. There are four different size options:

Flickr Uploader Resize Options

I always choose the largest since I don’t have a monthly upload limit.  After clicking the Resize button, the photo will be  resized and converted to JPEG for uploading and the thumbnails of the photos will show up in the Flickr Uploader interface:

Flickr Uploader Interface

You don’t have to hit the Upload right away after adding one photo. You can keep adding photos from Capture NX as long as you keep Flickr Uploader running. You can upload them together when you have all the photos you want.

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