In Capture NX, you can create multiple versions of a photo and save all the different versions in the same NEF file. For example, you may want to have different crop sizes, colors vs. black and white, different sharpening levels of the same photo. Instead of creating multiple copies of the RAW files, Capture NX can use the same set of RAW data with all the version information embedded so you don’t get several large files to manage. To access the version control utility, find the icon that looks like a flag at the bottom of the Edit List.


Click and hold, it will show you several options. You will at least see “Original”, “Last Saved”, “New Version…” and “Edit Versions…”. In the example below, I have already created two different versions called “Color Control Point” and “Version 3”. Remember to create a new version after all the editing steps are complete. You cannot change a existing version once it is created.

Edit Version

You can quickly toggle back and forth between the current version and the original version (without any edit) or the last saved version. You can manage existing versions by selecting “Edit Versions…”. It will open a dialog box like the one below, allowing you to rename or delete versions.

Edit versions

After creating all the different versions you want, save the photo. when the photo is opened again in Capture NX, all the different versions will be available to you.

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