DPReview has posted the review of Nikon’s flagship full frame (FX) digital SLR camera D3. No surprises there: it compares very favorably to the Canon’s higher resolution competitor even though it is not really a fair comparison due to different targeted applications.

Nikon posted but later pulled the firmware Ver. 1.10 for D3 due to data corruption issues under certain circumstances. Some curious guys have found evidence of Nikon preparing a 24.4MP D3X model in the firmware. This has been picked up by engadget and wired.

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Perhaps you have heard the horror stories that some unlucky photographers got harassed by law enforcement officers or concerned citizens when taking photos at public places. Knowing your rights and related laws can prevent you from getting into a stressful and costly legal trouble.

USA Today published an article by talk show host Kim Komando, listing some very common picture-taking scenarios photographers face and how they should be approached. Read: Think twice before taking pictures in public.

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NX101 is a new site on Capture NX created by Jerry Jongerius. It has a nicely organized collection of NX tips and tricks. DPTnT is mentioned in section 8 “Other Sources of NX Information”. Check it out at http://nx101.com/.

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I was forum surfing at DPReview and found a nice Capture NX tip to remove dust spot. Nikon Capture NX does not have a healing brush or clone tool like Adobe Photoshop. Typically dust spot removal in Capture NX involves selecting the dust spot using lasso tool, colorizing the selected area with color that is the same as the background, blurring the edges with some feather on the selection. This neat new technique uses distortion control (Adjustment -> Correct -> Distortion Control) instead of the Colorize tool. And it works!

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