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Nikon has released Capture NX2, an upgrade to the award wining, powerful, easy-to-use, and non-destructive photo editing and raw (NEF) conversion software.

Full product details can be found at  60-day trial version can be downloaded here. Rob Galbraith has a quick review posted here.

One improvement I like very much is better integration between View NX and Capture NX. Users can now download images using Nikon transfer, sort, rate, and label images in View NX. The ratings (stars) and labels (0-9) are now visible in Capture NX2. Unfortunately Capture NX2 still does not support full screen viewing in browser.

Just a friendly reminder: if you edit and save files in Capture NX2 and decide not to purchase the upgrade, the saved NEF files might fail to open in older version of Capture NX. So keep a backup!

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Antonio Perez, CEO of Eastman Kodak, warned that Kodak is to raise its prices for digital cameras, printers and other consumer products by as much as 20% over the coming month because of soaring raw material costs. The entire industry would have to increase prices “without any doubt” as commodity costs would remain high for years owing to high demand in emerging economies. “Everyone has the same problem,” he said.

Without doubt, Kodak is in greater pressure than others since it is balance sheet is still in red. However this might still be happening. If so, the fancy digital camera that you have been drooling over may become suddenly more expensive soon. Another reason to convince yourself you need to buy it now? 🙂

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