Adobe has announced version 2 of its raw processing and work flow tool, the Photoshop Lightroom. Enhancements include the support of localized adjustments (similar to Capture NX’s selection brush and gradient tools), dual monitor workspace, better photo management and organization tools, third party plug-in development, flexible and customizable print packages, and more.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 costs $299 for a new license and $99 for existing users to upgrade. A free trial is available (Adobe account is required).

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This is definitely not the typical hands-on preview/review you’d expect for a high tech photography machine. The review actually shows you some glamour photos with real hands holding the latest Nikon FX format (full frame) digital SLR camera to compliment its verbiage.

I guess the editors are trying to attract some viewers with this creative review format in the crowded photography review market, but for credibility’s sake, they should at least spend some time coaching the pretty model so she knows where the shutter release button is. Pull your attention back a little from other parts of the photos, you will notice the awkwardly placed finger in a couple of places.

To be fair, the DigitalRev review isn’t bad at all. Without all the technical details overloading your brain, you may actually find it concise and refreshing.

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I have not been able to keep the site updated for quite a while. I just had to take care of other priorities of my life. Things got settled down now so I hope I can find more time working on my photography hobby and this blog.

To my surprise, I am still getting quite steady count of visitors every day. Feedburner stats shows that I now have more subscribers than ever. Thank you for all your support!


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