If you are trying to get the best out of Nikon Capture NX, this is the webpage you want to bookmark. I am trying to create a comprehensive collection of available Nikon Capture NX and NX2 resources on the web. Here is the current list of how-to guides, tutorials, tips, techniques, and other related information. Please consider it work-in-progress. If I missed anything, please let me know by using the comment box below.  Last updated: June 9, 2011. Read More…

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Ever wondered how you will look in 20 years? With Luxand’s ProphecyMaster software, you can do just that with a single picture and a few mouse clicks. Read More…

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Available Eye-Fi products

Available Eye-Fi products

Eye-Fi Inc., makers of the world’s first wireless memory card for digital cameras, recently announced enhancements to its family of Eye-Fi cards that will make the upload of digital photos from camera to computer twice as fast. The faster wireless speeds, enabled via a firmware upgrade, will also be made available to existing Eye-Fi users at no extra cost. In addition, users will be able to upgrade their Eye-Fi cards to add the individual services they want, including Web sharing, geotagging and hotspot access, for a annual fee. Read More…

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Adobe Photoshop.com Mobile is a mobile application that runs on a few Windows Mobile based smartphones. You can upload, view, and share your photos right from your phone. A free Photoshop.com basic account gives user a 2GB storage. Paying $50/year gives you 20GB storage. It will cost less if purchased with Photoshop Element 7 together. According to Adobe

Once you install the mobile application on your phone, your photos can be automatically uploaded to Photoshop.com where you can then view, edit, and share them. And remember everything in your online Organizer syncs to the Organizer in your Photoshop Elements 7 software, so upload happens once, and your photos are protected with online backup. It’s now easier than ever to get your photos off your camera phone and into Photoshop Elements 7.

Photoshop.com Mobile beta will be available as a free download in September. To learn more, or sign-up for the beta, check out this Adobe site.

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When I use flash for indoor pictures, will a manual setting of shutter speed 1/60s and aperture f/4 give the same exposure as shutter speed 1/240s and aperture f/2, assuming the focal length and ISO are the same?


The two different shutter speed and aperture combinations should give you equivalent ambient/background exposure but for subject exposure, the answer can vary depending on the exact shooting situation.  Read More…

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T-Mobile G1 is the world’s first phone based on Google’s Android platform. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera, and a built-in GPS. So the question is, does it support geotagging?

The answer is “yes!”. According to the leaked T-Mobile G1 user guide, it is simply a matter of turning it on in the camera’s capture settings. There is a checkbox labeled as “Store location in pictures”. Once checked, user can then save the longitude and latitude in the picture’s metadata. Great!

My current phone is a Nokia E71. It has a 3MP auto-focus camera and a built-in GPS, but it needs third party software (such as locr) to tag the photos with the location information. The camera software does support more controls such as white balance, flash modes, etc. Unlike the G1, it can take nice videos as well.

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Nikon has released a new firmware (A: 2.01/B: 2.01) for the D200 DSLR camera that is supposed to fix the dreaded Dead Battery Syndrome (DBS). My D200 is perfectly fine but I have heard many complaints of the problem: sometimes a fully charged battery is seen by the camera as discharged.

US readers can grab them by following the links below. Readers from other regions please check with your local Nikon website.

  • D200 firmware – A: 2.01/B: 2.01 – Windows
  • D200 firmware – A: 2.01/B: 2.01 – Macintosh
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