If you have not noticed, the Canon teaser site is revealing more and more of the mysterious DSLR camera. Comparison between the above screen capture and the one captured a week ago on September 5th below (click to view large version) clearly shows the difference.

Canon new DSLR teaser site

The Moon is getting brighter and more details of the camera is being revealed. You can now see “EOS” in the shadow but still cannot see the model number.

I think this is very creative marketing trick. Can we expect the camera to be fully revealed when it reaches the full Moon? It is obviously not in sync with the actual moon phase since the actual one is almost 90% full moon today! It takes 15 days to get from new moon to full moon, so it may take another week or so before the camera is fully revealed! I am getting excited. Canon better deliver this time. 😉

Canon teaser site: http://www.canon.com/moon/en/index.html

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