Your digital camera keeps a lot more information in the photo than you ever cared to know. Often, people refer to them as EXIF data. However EXIF is just a subset of all data, collectively called metadata, that can be stored in the photos. 

The Metadata Working Group (MWG) was created in 2007 based on a Microsoft proposal. 5 founding members are Apple, Adobe, Canon, Microsoft and Nokia. Sony joined this group in 2008.

The goals of the working group are:

  • Preservation and seamless interoperability of digital image metadata.
  • Interoperability and availability to all applications, devices, and services.

In a nutshell, what MWG wants to do is to make it easy for users to create, manage, and share photo by standardizing the various methods and formats metadata is created and used among consumer oriented applications and devices. According to the group’s publication, the metadata guideline will address the key organizational metadata questions that most consumers have:

  • Who is involved with this image (who took it, who owns it, who’s in it)?
  • What is interesting about this image?
  • Where is this image from?
  • When was this image created or modified?

It sounds like a good thing, but I am sure some will have privacy concerns. If you’d ever want to get rid of the information in your photos, here is how.

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