So many interesting things happen in the digital photography world everyday and I am having a hard time deciding which ones to blog about. At the end, I guess I could sample just a bit of everything I found interesting. So here is the DPTnT Digital Photography Links, September 17 2008 Edition. ūüėČ

  • It is dangerous when people get obsessed with anything. Check out how one’s obsession with geotagging his flickr photos Killed 1/4 of 2008 and ended His productive life effectively.
  • Top 40 online photography tools and resources. A list of great websites and useful tools.
  • With the release of Canon EOS-5D Mark II, Canon also introduces a totally new battery pack called the “LP-E6” and a new battery grip called the “BG-E6”. The new battery provides detailed information such as charge remaining, shots taken, battery performance. You can also get bugged for battery recalibration after 20 or so recharges so the power remaining display remains accurate. You can also keep track of up to 6 batteries thanks to a unique serial number in each battery.
  • Are you interested in HDR photography but cannot afford the best software Photomatrix? Doug Chinnery of Contemporary Photography blog has a list of free HDR software. I haven’t tried any of them but if you find one that is really good, let us know, please?
  • Microsoft released¬†Pro Photo Tools version 2.2 for geotagging digital photos. It is a free download for users of genuine XP SP2 32bit, Vista 32 bit and Vista 64 bit. It supports two different geotagging methods. The first method involves manually placing photos on Live Earth maps. The second method speeds up the process by using track logs from GPS loggers so user can place the photos on the track route.
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