I just recently started geotagging using my Nokia E71 cell phone. The phone has built-in 3.2MP camera and GPS. Using a software called locr, the location and time information are recorded in each photo. I can upload the images to locr’s own photo sharing site, or to Yahoo!’s flickr, directly from the phone. It is very nice! If I geotag all my phones, I won’t need to scratch my head trying to figure out where the heck I took the photo later, especially when my memory starts to fade when I am older.

As  you may already know, you don’t need a GPS to do geotagging. The cheapest way is to find the spot where you took the phone on Google Earth or other mapping sites and manually insert the GPS coordinates in the EXIF header. Flickr allows you to do this easily. However this is really tedious and time consuming. I start to think how I can add location information to the images taken using Nikon DSLR cameras without the hassle of manually editing hundreds of photos I typically take each time.

After some research, I realize that there are just so many choices available. Now I am trying to decide on which one to pick. 

  1. Nikon GP-1 GPS Unit. It is not available yet from anywhere. Some say it will be available in November. 17″th Street Photo lists it for a low price of $999, cables included (D90 needs accessory terminal cable GP1-CA90. D3, D300, D700, D2X, D2Hs, D2Xs and D200 needs 10-pin remote terminal cable GP1-CA10)
  2. Nikon MC-35 cable and compatible third party GPS unit. If you already have a compatible GPS unit, this may be the cheapest option. Check Amazon price here.
  3. Dawn Technology’s di-GPS. There are two version available, basic and pro. The only major differences are the built-in 10-pin connector sockets (if you need to hookup a remote shutter release) and a power switch to turn off the unit manually. The prices are $269 and $198 for the pro and basic version, respectively. The shipping cost ($45) is quite high because it is shipped internationally from Hongkong.
  4. Foolography Wired and Unleashed (Bluetooth) GPS. The prices are 170 € (or roughly 215 U.S. dollars) for the wired version and 199€ (~250 U.S. dollars) for the wireless version. 
  5. Blue2CAN by Red Hen Systems, Inc. This is not really a GPS, but rather a Bluetooth to 10-pin adapter that plugs directly into the camera’s 10-pin socket. You need to have a separate Bluetooth enabled GPS unit for it to work. If you don’t like cable dangling around the camera, this sounds like a great option. B&H lists this unit for $279.95.
  6. Custom Idea GeoPic II. This is another tethered option. B&H has it listed for $299.95
  7. Geomet’r GNC-35. This is another tethered option and seems to the the most inexpensive option I can find anywhere. B&H carries it for $149.95.

This is how far I went with the research. I have not compared them in details, except for the prices. Which one are you using? Do you like it? Please share your experience and thoughts with us and our readers.

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