Do you know that more than 350 million digital images are captured every day, and four out of five of those images are never shared? Wow… think about all those dormant photos on your hard-drive! Some innovative companies have thought about this and created some really nice products. Heard about the Eye-Fi? Now you can set free your photos with the Lexar Shoot-n-Sync Wi-Fi® Memory Card, which uses the same innovative wireless technology as in Eye-Fi cards for uploading digital photos to computers as well as sharing them via social networking and photo-sharing websites.This Lexar brand card will be available as 2GB SD format memory card and compatible with SD-compatible digital cameras. It records and stores digital photos in a camera just like other standard SD memory cards, but adds the convenience and simplicity of wireless uploading from camera to computer or to the Internet.

Here are the product highlights:

  • Upload photos automatically, effortlessly, and wirelessly
  • Instantly connects and wirelessly transfers photos via your home Wi-Fi network
  • Backup photos to your PC and easily share them on favorite photo-sharing websites
  • Works with SD-compatible digital cameras
  • No cables, no cradles, no hassles
  • Combines Lexar memory card technology with wireless technology from Eye-Fi
  • Includes USB card reader for one-time setup
  • 1-year limited warranty

And here is how it works:

How Lexar WiFi Shoot-n-Sync Card Works

How Lexar WiFi Shoot-n-Sync Card Works

No pricing and availability information yet but you can check back this Lexar website for information.

Tip: Many people have reported that similar Eye-Fi SD cards work fine with a SD-to-CF adaptor in many cameras that only takes CF (compact flash) memory cards. This one may work as well.

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