Pretec, the leader in CompactFlash card capacity and speed, has done it again with the announcement of 64GB and 100GB CF cards at Photokina 2008. According to DPReview, the new 233X CF cards can write up to 35MB/s. If that isn’t fast enough for you, they have slightly smaller capacity 32GB and 50GB CF cards that can do 50MB/s.

These cards sound really sweet for the new DSLRs that shoots 20+ MP and/or HD videos, such as Sony A900, Canon EOS-5D Mark II, and Nikon D90. Before you buy one of those though, check with your camera’s manufacturer to make sure your camera supports it. Pretec 233X 64GB and 333X 32GB CF cards are slated to start delivery by Photokina 2008 with suggested retail price of $399 and $630, and 233X 100GB and 333X 50GB are expected to become available by the end of 2008.

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