T-Mobile G1 is the world’s first phone based on Google’s Android platform. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera, and a built-in GPS. So the question is, does it support geotagging?

The answer is “yes!”. According to the leaked T-Mobile G1 user guide, it is simply a matter of turning it on in the camera’s capture settings. There is a checkbox labeled as “Store location in pictures”. Once checked, user can then save the longitude and latitude in the picture’s metadata. Great!

My current phone is a Nokia E71. It has a 3MP auto-focus camera and a built-in GPS, but it needs third party software (such as locr) to tag the photos with the location information. The camera software does support more controls such as white balance, flash modes, etc. Unlike the G1, it can take nice videos as well.

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