It has been a busy weekend but it is finally coming to an end. Many of you probably have noticed the big changes here. I hope the changes will put DPTnT at a new starting point moving forward. Here are the list of changes we made recently:

  • New theme. The new theme is much less cluttered with a simpler layout. We went from a three column main page to a two column main page. The important contents are now on the left side. Navigation links are on the right side only, instead of spreading left and right on the previous layout.
  • New comment system. We are now using DISQUS. DISQUS is a universal comment system for blogs. Users setup account (completely free) at DISQUS and comments can be made at any blogs (including DPTnT) that supports it. DISQUS can keep track of individual user’s comments left at various blogs. It is a very cool technology. Sign up at DISQUS and take a spin in the comment section below.
  • New site search. We have updated the Google powered site search function to make finding relevant information on DPTnT easier. 
  • New mobile access. You can access DPTnT from your PDA, iPhone, or other smartphones. Simply enter on your mobile browser to access the mobile version of the site.

If you find anything not functioning properly or have any comments/suggestions, please kindly let us know. Thank you and enjoy the new site.

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