Nikon has posted sample video excerpts from its upcoming Creative Lighting System DVD, titled “A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting”. According to Nikon press release, the DVD will be available starting November 1, 2008, and can be obtained online at the Nikon Mall ( or at authorized Nikon dealers for an estimated selling price of $39.95.

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Well, there is more bleak news lately. Consumers are clearly holding back on their spending. The camera gear  manufacturers are most likely nervous too. No government stimulus package for them, so they do themselves a favor by enticing us to buy.

Canon has just sent out an email newsletter about its instant saving deals on SLR lenses and flashes. The offer is valid between October 19, 2008 and January 17, 2009 at authorized Canon dealers. Check out the qualified products in this Canon flyer (PDF) or the image below (Click to view larger version).

If you are interested in digital camcorders, mail-in rebates are also offered for the XL2 and GL2 models.

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We all know full frame DSLR cameras cost more than the DSLR cameras with DX or APS-C sized sensors but why? Part of the cost difference is due to the higher cost of making larger sensors. The article at Chipworks will tell you some details of the semiconductor manufacturing aspects of making CMOS image sensors.

The cost of making a full frame sensor is indeed a lot more than a APS-C sized sensor. However the difference isn’t that much compared to overall price of a high end DSLR. That’s why it should be possible to see a full frame camera just a few hundred, not a thousand or more, dollars more expensive than a APS-C DSLR with similar features. Today’s product lineups from Canon or Nikon are most likely results of marketing strategy that maximizes profits and strengthens market position. Read More…

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Nikon D700 and D3 are great full frame (FX) DSLR cameras for their solid build quality and low light capability. However there are people who want or need high pixel density, especially when both Canon and Sony now have high pixel density (>20 megapixel) full frame DSLR cameras in the market.

According to a “reliable” (it is up to you for the meaning of this word) source, a high pixel count (Would it be 24 megapixel?) full frame pro DSLR will be announced in approximately 45 days. That’s just a week before the Christmas! Perfect timing for a New Year’s wish list.

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I captured this at the local zoo. I guess they put these out there because of the coming Halloween.

Selaphobia is the fear of light flashes. Nyctophobia is the fear of darkness. Photophobia is the fear of light. If you are a photographer, it is highly unlikely you have the light-related phobias.

Anyone knows the word for fear of cameras or being taken picture?

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Could a $500 Canon G10 equal a $40,000 Hasselblad and Phase One 39 Megapixel medium format back in image quality, at least in prints up to 13X19″ (Super A3)?

Even the experts cannot tell the difference with good reliability. Michael Reichmann’s article at Luminous Landscape titled You’ve Got to be Kidding! is a fascinating read!

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The economy is still souring. People are holding on to their wallets with fear of uncertainty. Competition is stronger… I guess these are the reasons to see some nice rebates and price cuts coming for Nikon products.

Also, check out the list of best selling DSLR cameras at

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Nikon released a new DVD titled “A hands-on guide to creative lighting”. The DVD, priced at $39.95, will be available at NikonMall and authorize Nikon dealers from November 1, 2008. Here is the full press release. Read More…

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