Roland Lim has published a very comprehensive review of the Canon EOS-50D. It is not a completely objective technical review we’d expect from places like DPReview, but it should be able to answer lots of practical questions.

  • Does the 50D have better high ISO noise performance than 40D?
  • How does the noise level perform compared with the Nikon D3, the current low noise standard?
  • Does sRAW format lead to less noise in photos?
  • Is 50D showing the high resolution image in image review, or just low resolution thumbnail as in the 40D?
  • Is Creative Auto mode useful? If so, for what kind of photographers?
  • Should current 40D users upgrade to 50D?

I will not give out any spoiler here. Please check out the excellent Canon EOS-50D review yourself.

Note: Found via Engadget.

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