DPReview has posted an in-depth review of the Nikon D90 digital SLR camera. After two years since Nikon released the D80, the new D90 has better specifications on every aspects, except the weight: heavier by 35 grams or about 1.2 ounces.

I am very interested in the video mode because the D90 is one of the first DSLR cameras to offer HD video mode. Canon’s 5D Mark II was another but it is a much more expansive. The Nikon D90 captures HD video at 24fps at three different resolutions: 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9, 720p), 640 x 424 pixels (3:2, VGA), and 320 x 216 pixels (3:2, QVGA). According to the review, the autofocus doesn’t work at all, but you can pre-set other settings such as Picture Controls, white balance, exposure compensation before video recording. There are also time limits on the length of the video: 5 min for 1280×720, and 20min for other resolutions. One positive is that you can use VR lens and get image stabilization.

I think the HD video on DSLR cameras will be able to offer users a great convenience because of the all-in-one video and still captures, very high quality video due to the large sensor size, and many creative opportunities using various different type of lenses. However there are indeed some limitations and issues such as the auto-focus, and rolling-shutter skew (Watch video demo)

Read> Nikon D90 review: introduction page, and conclusion page.

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