Full press release can be found after the jump. Sample images can be found here. US $8K!!! Ouch! Read More…

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According to Nikon Japan, the GP-1 GPS unit has a suggested retail price of ¥21,000. Quick check using Google showed that it is about US $220 (subject to currency exchange rate variation). The price is similar to the US price we have seen.

There still isn’t much official availability information yet. Someone on DPReview said it should be available before December 10th.

Screen capture of the Nikon Japan page showing GP-1 price

Screenshot of the Nikon Japan page showing GP-1 price

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Nikon’s Senior Product and Software Manager, Michael Rubin, will be touring US west coast cities to show you how to establish a raw workflow using Capture NX2 software. The topics will include how to choose the best camera settings for later editing, transfer photos to your computer, select and quickly edit your photos, work with more difficult photos, and use non-destructive photo editing techniques. The details of the tour schedule can be found in this flickr discussion thread.

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The term High key typically refers to photos with dominant highlight tones. Most “correctly” exposed photos should have the key or main tone at the midpoint between white and blackpoint. By shifting the keytone up (high key) or down (low key), the photos can be made to convey different moods. High key photos can convey happy, relaxed mood while low key brings drama and tension.

Typically high key photos are result of the combination of light foreground and background, narrow tone range (less contrast), and shadow-less even lighting. Some degree of over exposure helps but it should not be relied on solely. Read More…

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According to this blog post, Nikon Pro Magazine (only for NPS members) has the details the D3X. The scanned images have been removed due to bandwidth limit but Nikon Rumors have them here. Read More…

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Nikon’s Black Friday Sale will be on for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (November 28-30)! Find your local authorized Nikon dealers or shop at Amazon and B&H to support us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Please note: This is an old post, originally published in 2008.

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Internet chatters are definitely getting hotter with the supposed December 1st release date for Nikon D3X, the latest DSLR camera with 24.4 mega-pixel full frame (FX) sensor. The guys at NikonRumors claimed that they have found the product information page (http://www.nikonusa.com/Find-Your-Nikon/Product/Digital-SLR/25442/D3x.html) for D3X, and even grabbed some images of the new Nikon D3X before Nikon took them down. These look awfully like the ancient D3 (front, back), but this can be. The D3X should be the higher pixel count FX format D3, so the body looks similar (or same), and Nikon marketing media department could be using the same setup to take the product shots, so you get very similar-looking images.

Now the page is blank and the images (front, back) are gone from Nikon site. So don’t waste your time trying…

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