Internet chatters are definitely getting hotter with the supposed December 1st release date for Nikon D3X, the latest DSLR camera with 24.4 mega-pixel full frame (FX) sensor. The guys at NikonRumors claimed that they have found the product information page ( for D3X, and even grabbed some images of the new Nikon D3X before Nikon took them down. These look awfully like the ancient D3 (front, back), but this can be. The D3X should be the higher pixel count FX format D3, so the body looks similar (or same), and Nikon marketing media department could be using the same setup to take the product shots, so you get very similar-looking images.

Now the page is blank and the images (front, back) are gone from Nikon site. So don’t waste your time trying…

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