I have many posts here at DPTnT about Nikon Capture NX and NX2 but few about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The reason is simple: I can do many things in a more straight-forward manner in Capture NX and I don’t typically have tons of images to get through quickly.  

I had Adobe Lightroom since 1.0 was launched in early 2007 even through Lightroom’s history dates back to 2002. Before that, I was a user of Pixmantic’s excellent Rawshooter Premium RAW converter. Adobe acquired Pixmantic in June 2006 and incorporated many of Rawshooters features and technologies into the eventual release of Lightroom 1.0. Unfortunately the free version called Rawshooter Essentials was killed by Adobe and the RAW world lost a great piece of free software. The reaction back then was mixed and the path for Lightroom hasn’t been smooth either until V1.4 and 2.x were released.

Often we see softwares having personality of big corporation. Lightroom is no exception. Since 1.x Lightroom has insisted to use Adobe Photo Downloader (ADP) and it launches Lightroom whenever a card is inserted. The only way to permanently fix that was to disable the APD in the registry or msconfig. With the release of Lightroom V2, the behavior of the software is about the same even through the Adobe Photo Downloader is no longer supplied with the software. Instead of being an option in the Autoplay actions, Lightroom makes itself default option and launches itself whenever a card is inserted. Well, I’d like to use Nikon Transfer as the downloader since it has some features I need. After some struggles, I found the following solution for Windows Vista:

  1. Insert the card into computer or card reader.
  2. Go to Start->Computer.
  3. Right-click on the drive icon representing the flash media card, and select “Open Autoplay…”. In the dialog box, choose options other than Lightroom, or simply uncheck “Always do this for pictures”. Next time when a card is inserted, the option of you choice will be used or you will be presented with a list of options.


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