Do you still remember the Lexar Shoot-n-Sync WiFi SD Card we talked about a while ago? It appeared to be just a Lexar-branded Eye-fi card. It turned out to be exactly the case. The Lexar even uses the same Eye-fi management software according to its support site.

Back then I was curious about why Eye-fi has three flavors (Home, Share, and Explorer) but Lexar only has one. After reading the review by CrunchGear, I now know why: you simply choose to pay $15/year to add unlimited Geotagging. Another $15/year gives you the access to wi-fi hotspots managed by Wayport.  Actually this is just like the customized service upgrades offered by Eye-fi.

According to the review, the Lexar Shoot-n-Sync WiFi SD card only supports wireless uploading and sharing of jpeg files. It won’t do anything to a RAW file. If you are a RAW shooter, you can shoot RAW+JPEG, it will upload the JPEG but leave the RAW untouched on the SD card. It may be OK for casual usages but is quite limited for serious RAW shooters who can fill up 2GB in no time. Hopefully larger capacity versions and CompactFlash (CF) form factor will be available soon.

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