The Nikon GP-1 Geotagging GPS has been in the market for a while now even though it is still difficult to find one from reputable places. In case you are still debating if you want one, the Nikon GP-1 user manual may help answer some of your questions. Just a friendly warning if you are on a slow connection: the file is >10MB in size. It is not because the GP-1 is complicated, but because the manual contains translations of 20 different languages.

Some interesting information

  • The package contains both GP1-CA10 cable for cameras with 10-pin remote terminals (D3, D700, D300, D2X, D2XS, D2HS, D200), and GP1-CA90 for cameras with accessory terminals (D90). It also has GP1-CL1 strap adapter for attaching the GPS to camera strap instead of the hot-shoe.
  • If you want to use remote shutter release when the GPS is attached, you will need to get the MC-DC2 remote cord.
  • GP-1 does not have a on/off switch. It continues to receive GPS data even when the camera is turned-off. You need to unplug the cable connecting it to the camera to turn it off. Otherwise it will shut off after three hours of idle.
  • When GP-1 is connected, the exposure meter on 2-series cameras (D2X, D2XS, D2HS, or D200) will not turn off unless you turn the camera off! D3, D700, D300, or D90 have a custom setting to turn the meter off (GPS>Auto meter off). Somehow the power to the GPS is linked to the metering circuit. Keeping meter on will make sure the GPS data is ready when the shutter is pressed. The GP-1 will still periodically acquires GPS data even when camera or exposure meters are off as mentioned previously.
  • If no GPS information is received for two seconds, no GPS data will be recorded.
  • The recorded GPS data include latitude, longitude, altitude, and coordinated universal time (UTC). The UTC time is recorded independent of camera time. There is no heading information.
  • You can connect GP-1 to a computer for use with mapping software and other applications using the USB cable supplied with your digital camera. 

Still want one?

  • Amazon has it from 3rd party merchants
  • J&R seems to have it in-stock
  • Roberts Imaging has the lowest price of $199.97 but out of stock
  • Adorama is currently out of stock
  • B&H doesn’t even have a listing for it
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