Picasa is an excellent photo organizer with decent editing and creative functionalities. The built-in photo browser is very fast. It never chock up on my huge collection of RAW photos. I can browse through thousands of photos scattered in hundreds of folders without ever waiting for anything to update on the screen. On the contrary, Nikon ViewNX often struggle badly on the same computer. Typically Picasa only uses about 25% of the memory ViewNX needs.

When it comes to photo sharing, I am a big fun of flickr. Picasa has good integration with Google’s Picasa Web Albums but I don’t think Google has any interest in supporting a competing photo sharing site like flickr, especially when flickr is dominating. We shouldn’t be desperate though: Google’s Picasa supports third party extensions using a couple of APIs. Someone has created a Picasa plugin (button) called “picasa2flickr” that installs with just a couple of clicks. It doesn’t work alone: you also need to have Flickr Uploadr installed on your computer.

To use it, select one or more photos in Picasa, then click on the “Send to Flickr” button. Picasa will launch Flickr Uploadr with the photos you have selected. You can then do your usual title, description, tags, etc in Flickr Uploadr before uploading them to your flickr account.

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