The Kindle 2, Amazon’s new wireless reading device, has generated quite some buzz in the press and on the web. Just for curiosity, I checked Amazon website to see how many photography book titles are there. There are actually quite a few: 232 (as of February 10, 2009) titles in the Arts & Entertainment  Photography category, including some well known best sellers. For many titles, the price of the kindle version also appears to be significantly cheaper than the print version.

I am tempted to get one, not only for reading books, but also for magazines and blogs. However I am not sure after I checked the specs. The kindle 2 has a screen resolution of only 600×800 capable of only 16 shades of gray. Reading photography books without color is pretty uninspiring, and 4-bit of gray is certainly a deal killer for me. 

How about you? I am interested in finding out if any of you have tried reading photography books on Kindle. What’s your experience?

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