Our friend from Nikon has posted a note in the Nikon Capture NX user group about the training videos available on NikSoftware.com. If you haven’t heard, Nik Software, not Nikon, created the Nikon Capture NX software.

The two new Capture NX2 videos show you how easy it is to touch up photos using Capture NX2. You can watch the flash videos online, or download the videos in mov format to watch offline on your computer or the m4v format to watch on an ipod.  

There are bunch of other videos as well. They are nice to watch but probably useless unless you have the software. If you really like Capture NX2, you may want to consider the excellent but expensive photographic filter package Color Effect Pro 3.0 for Capture NX 2.

The videos have been added to our Capture NX Resource Guide.

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