In the March issue of Tech Tips, Chuck Westfall, Technical Advisor for Canon”s Consumer Imaging Group, answers quite a few interesting questions for Canon users.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II captures video clips (HD or SD) at precisely 30.00 fps, while other A/V devices confirming to North American standard record and playback at 29.97 fps, which will eventually leads to audio out of sync problem if both are used in the same timeline. There is no easy solution from Canon except either transcoding the EOS 5D Mark II footage to 29.97 fps or stretching the 5D Mark II footage on a 29.97fps timeline. However some users have found that  reconforming to 29.97 (no render needed since this is only a change to the meta data) is all it takes to make the audio sync a non-issue in Cinema Tools.

There are questions that can be answered quickly by reading the product manuals but some lazy people choose to ask anyway.

In the comment section, there are users who got upset because their brand new Canon EOS 5D Mark II cameras had to be sent in for service within weeks of purchase due to hot pixels in video mode and “Err 20”. As expected, the real Chuck wouldn’t address directly to those complaints but the FAKE one would.

Nikon Capture NX users may complain about its slowness or strange user interface, but apparently the Canon DPP software cannot even fix tilted horizon… Some has suggested Canon stop making its own software that can produces the best image quality but suffers badly in usability and functionality, but it looks like Canon will not, just like Nikon.

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