Recently CNet’s Crave gadget blog and other place like Dvice has discovered a new GPS geotagging hardware for Nikon DSLRs from an European company Foolography that we mentioned a while ago. Except the price changes there is nothing new. Basically the “Unleashed” is a tiny Bluetooth module that sits directly on the 10-pin connector of Nikon DSLR cameras. It receives the GPS information from an external Bluetooth GPS unit then relays the information to the camera. The camera then records the information as metadata in the photos taken. The main benefits of such approach instead of the direct wired connection are, 1) it is very small, 2) the Bluetooth GPS can be used for other things and it can be upgraded independently.

The company is currently at PMA 2009 (Warning: link has autoplay video) in Las Vegas. The product is not yet available for purchase. While you are waiting, you may want to check out another similar device called Blue2CAN.

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