The Spring is here. Are you thinking about taking some great pictures of flowers? This 20-page eBook, 13 tips for better wildflower photography, will help you with plenty of good tips. Here’s what you’ll learn in this free PDF eBook:

  1. How to identify wildflowers
  2. The secret to getting perfect light
  3. What to do if you can’t wait for perfect light
  4. How to get a proper exposure
  5. How to position your camera
  6. How to get sharper photos
  7. How to get a perfect background
  8. How to battle the wind
  9. How to compose landscapes with wildflowers
  10. How to get butterflies in your photos
  11. Why it’s important to “leave no trace”
  12. How to sharpen your photos in Photoshop
  13. How to darken a background in Photoshop
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