Some people just don’t want to let go the old film stuff even through it is getting more difficult to get the films developed as the number of shops that offer such services dwindles. The purists still believe film offers better image quality and the digital shooters are only as good as their Photoshop skills. Perhaps true… and digital cameras do take away the enjoyable moment when you are handed over the printed photos after a long wait. One can also argue that digital shooters tend to be less skilled because they can often retake the photos if the first one isn’t good without the worries of wasted film, reducing the incentives to develop the rigorous skills needed to nail the shots the first place.

Film is not the only one in danger. There are also dangers for digital shooters. The digital storage media won’t last very long. Flash memory cards are guaranteed to keep the data for no more than 10 years. Hard drives can fail in high rate after as short as 3-5 years of use. The optical media such as CD, DVDs may last anywhere from 20 to 100 years. The other danger is from technology development itself: some technologies and associated media formats can become obsolete very quickly. It will be difficult to find the devices that can read the data from them. Or there will be no software drivers for the computers in the future to read the data from those obsolete devices. So it is essential for digital shooters to continuously invest in new digital storage devices to stay current with the technology development in order to keep the digital photos safe.

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