It is interesting to see that my second most popular post on this blog is about how to find out the total shutter actuations. There could be some curiosity elements from regular DSLR owners but I am wondering if lots of people are selling or buying second hand gears.

It also seems that the old cameras, such as D70/D70s, D200, are still being actively used. The following is the Camera Finder stats for Nikon I found on Flickr sorted by the number of members. First of all, no point & shoot cameras are in top ten (I guess the reason is that there are so many P&S models). Secondly, high end models are significantly less popular than mid or low end models, factoring in the release times of the products.


Overall, the most popular (DSLR) camera chart is dominated by Canon, leading by its 10.1 MP Canon Digital Rebel XTi (400D) that was introduced in 2004. Only the Nikon D80 is in the top 5.

In the point & shoot category, Canon completely dominates, with the 8MP Canon PowerShot SD1100IS showing a impressive surging popularity curve.

Can you guess the most popular camera phone? I guess it is too easy: the Apple iPhone. However the chart seems to show that the popularity has leveled off, after beating the Nokia N95 a while ago. I guess it is difficult for people to sustain interest in posting crappy low resolution photos even from a great phone.

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