There are still some interesting things happening in the world of digital photography even as the world economy sees little sign of recovery. The following are this Friday’s Digital Photography Links.

  • Creating a digital legacy – USA Today columnist Kim Komando shows you how to digitize your old memories, create video slide-shows, and burn the video to DVD without depleting your wallet.
  • AMD Fusion Media Browser – It is a cool way of browsing your digital photos and other digital media contents, but it only runs on Microsoft Vista and computers with AMD CPU. A review by PC Magazine can be found here.
  • Obama poster copyright saga continues – Remember the old story? Well, the legal case between Shepard Fairey and Associated Press continues. AP has accused Shepard copyright infringements while Shepard lawyers saying AP isn’t totally clean either.
  • Nokia Photo Browser – Got bunch of snapshots on your Nokia smart phone? In the past, browsing photos on the phone hasn’t been a pleasant experience. Now it is changing. Nokia has released a beta software called Nokia Photo Browser for many of its smart phones. The software offers innovative and exciting ways of browsing photos, with 3D visual effects, image zooming and face detection that automatically cycles through faces in a photo. It is a little sluggish but overall good on my Nokia E71. Check out this review or go straight to Nokia Beta Labs for more information.
  • Photo frame with a built-in scanner – The Skyla Memoir Photo Frame (FS80) was introduced during CES 2009 in January. Now it is becoming officially available by end of April. If you’d rather like to have a digital photo frame with a built-in printer, there is one we found earlier.
  • “Infinite Photograph – As Seen on Earth” – National Geographic Digital Media (NGDM) launched Infinite Photograph, a very interesting online photography mosaic application that will allow users to interact with shared online photographs by clicking on color patterns to create an infinite array of stunning mosaics in a variety of themes.

That is all for this edition of Digital Photography Links. Have a nice weekend!

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