The new Nikon D5000 is an exciting new entry level DSLR camera. Every time an exciting new camera comes out many people will inevitably ask themselves this question. The question will be a lot easier to answer if you are rich enough to just get it and throw away if you don’t like it. The problem is, for most people, it will be something to think about hard even if it is not a brain cell killer due to inner conflict between gadget addiction and the cruel reality.

Well, to help with your thought process, here is Geek.Com’s attempt to answer this question. You should read it entirely but if you have no extra time to spend, the conclusion is short and simple:

Overall, if you’re just stepping into the DSLR category, go for the Nikon D5000. If you’ve got an investment in lenses, move on to the higher models. The soccer mom, drunken night paparazzi, artist, the dad who loves to travel, real estate agent (who mostly posts pictures online vs having a portfolio of prints), or college student would really love and appreciate this camera.

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