In the past, I have introduced a few free tethered shooting software applications, one for Windows, and a couple (this and this) for Mac. Now guys at Nikon Rumor pointed out another one for Windows platform.

The software, DCamCapture, is a free tool to copy images from a Nikon DSLR to a computer during tethered shooting. Currently it only runs on MS Windows XP and Vista. The author offered the following warning:

The current state is alpha and the application isn’t tested very well.Therefore the author didn’t liable for any errors or defects, especially for lost images, not captured images ans camera defects. You are not allowed  to use the application if you didn’t aggree.


  • Copies images during shooting
  • Start Image capture
  • Timer to capture image sequences
  • LiveView with image capture and video recording (MJPEG in AVI file) function
  • Writing IPTC data in Bibble 4 files (*.bib)
  • Battery charge state
  • Application window always on top option

Supported Cameras:

  • D40, D40x, D60, D80, D90
  • D200, D300, D700
  • D3, D3x

My impressions:

I tested the software on a Windows PC running Vista Business. The software successfully tethered to my Nikon D200 but that’s about all I can do. It gives out an error message when I click on the Capture button. It is able to download the photo immediately without problem if I release the shutter manually on the camera.

The software does not provide any ability to change the camera settings. There is no way to automatically launch the downloaded photo either. Perhaps you can use a software that supports watched folder for automatic display and import. One such example is Adobe Lightroom.

For anyone who is looking for a sophisticated tethered shooting solution, you will need to look elsewhere, at least for now. I am sure it will get better and better with time (it is not even beta yet!). For people who is looking for a simple tethered shooting software, it may work, especially for people who wants to do time-lapse photography. The timer controlled shooting function should be a great help if your camera doesn’t have a built-in intervolmeter.

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