According to Wall Street Journal and Straits Times, Nikon Corp. posted a net loss for the fiscal fourth quarter ended March and forecast a loss for the current fiscal year. Nikon isn’t expecting to make a profit as a whole company until the fiscal year ending March 2011. The current world-wide economic crisis and stronger yen apparently are hurting Nikon.

On the bright side (also what we are interested in), Nikon’s sales of digital single-lens-reflex (SLR) cameras, interchangable lenses (IL), and digital still compact  (DSC) cameras all showed better than expected results (in sales volume) and positive growth year over year.

However, the net profit from its imaging products declined 52% year over year. Nikon is also predicting worse results in the current fiscal year, even though at the same time they are describing a recover scenario in which the second half of this fiscal year will be better than the first, and the improvements should continue into next fiscal year and beyond, according to the WSJ report.

Nikon financial results can be found on Nikon website.

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