Nik Software, the developer behind Nikon Capture NX, offers a complete set of plug-in titles for Photoshop (Elements), Lightroom, and Aperture.

Dfine 2.0 is a noise reduction tool that can automatically measure noise levels in texture-free areas and reduces the noise from the entire image. You can also use control points to define where to apply or not to apply noise reduction.

Viveza is a tool to selectively enhance an image without complicated selections or layer masks known to Photoshop users. Users of Nikon Capture NX or NX2 software should be very familiar with the principles of local area enhancements using control points (U-Points) and selection brushes.

Color Efex Pro 3.0 is a large collection of digital filters and special effects tools to retouch, color correct, and stylize photos effortlessly.

Silver Efex Pro is a complete solution for converting color photos into a elegant and timeless black and white images.

Sharpener Pro 3.0 provides sharpening tools and solutions for various output devices.

In a recent blog post, Jeff Lynch of Serious Amateur Photography blog shared his Lightroom + Nik plug-in workflow. He starts with some initial editing in Lightroom such as cropping, correcting white balance, increasing the contrast and touching up any spots. He then processes the image through the Nik plug-ins similar to the recommended workflow illustrated by Nik Software. The only difference is that he runs the Sharpener Pro 3.0 twice, first right after Dfine 2.0 to selectively sharpen selected areas of the image using Raw Presharpener, then as a final step for output sharpening.

The plug-ins can be purchased separately or in various bundles from Nik Software.  15-day free trial is offered for all of their products. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee.

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