Digital photography is not just an art form. It can be a very practical tool for documenting every moment of your life. It can even help you get organized. Whenever you see something you want to remember but have no time for taking notes, just take out your camera phone and snap a photo.

It sounds simple but it can quickly get out of control if you have thousands of unorganized photos on your camera. That’s when the sophisticated software such as Evernote comes in handy. It does more than just organizing your snapshots. It organizes what you like to capture, keeps track of your notes and tags, allows you to search or filter when you want to find something. It supports a neat recognition feature that can turn words found in images into searchable text.

It doesn’t tie you to your desktop or laptop computer. There is software for your PC but it is quite functional with just a web browser. It also works on-the-go on supported mobile phones. To learn more, check out the following sites:

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