If you hate the shoulder strap that comes with your camera and seems always getting in the way during shooting, you are certainly not alone. One cure for such annoyance is to replace it with a hand strap that only get around your right hand. Hand straps for cameras are hardly anything new. I can find bunch of them at Amazon, even Canon and Nikon make them.

The unique feature I see from this one is the wrist support. DSLR cameras aren’t light, especially when fitted with a large lens. Regular hand straps don’t provide any help to your wrist. Wrist support is important when using a hand strap because all the weight is on it during the entire time you are using it. With a shoulder strap, you can get relief for your wrist when you are not actively shooting by carrying your camera on the shoulder.

This hand strap screws into standard 1/4″ tripod socket at the bottom of the camera and provides an extra tripod socket for mounting on tripod.

[Via Engadget > Red Ferret]

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