Nikon conducted research by polling people and found out that consumers love to share photos (Is that really a surprise?). In the digital age, the smallest scale of sharing is perhaps crowding around the camera’s LCD screen. The 2nd scale is sharing photos on a TV screen or on any appropriate surface using the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj with a built-in projector. The largest scale of photo sharing is sharing online, which profoundly overcomes the limit of time and space for photo sharing on an unprecedented level. The proliferation of social networks and increasingly powerful search engines mean that once a photo is shared online, you may never have the complete control on where the photo may end up.

Due to the nature of online sharing, it potentially has more impact. They are really nothing more than common senses, but the five rules for sharing photos online (Photo Netiquette) published by Nikon are good reminders.

  • Don’t post embarrassing pictures of other people without their permission
  • Ensure that you are happy for the pictures you choose to be on the web for all to see
  • Remember that your boss, family and friends may look at your pictures, so don’t post any inappropriate images
  • Don’t endlessly post picture of yourself – you’ll come across as self-obsessed, rather than interesting
  • Think about the impact your photos will have on other people before you share or project them

[via Amateur Photographer]

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